Fundación Mundo Azul #Guatetienetiburones

Guatemala has many wonders that we may feel grateful about. Geographically speaking, we’re between 2 coasts, Atlantic and Pacific. This is why Fundación Mundo Azul came with an extraordinary idea about conserving sharks species. Did you know our (Guatemalan) seas have more than 25 different sharks species (so far)? We actually didn’t.


Fundación Mundo Azul was born in 2013 due to a special inspired nature lover woman, Elisa. She had in mind that we should all interact with marine life, such as sharks, fish, dolphins, etc. without harming anyone under the sea. Their major objective is to boost economic prosperity by conserving sea life. This sounds really fun!


Elisa’s vision about Mundo Azul is to fund kids education in towns/cities near the seas. Her team contributes in constructing a more social and environmentally responsible people through education and leadership, promoting the conscious usage of marine resources with a long-term vision, especially conserving ecosystems, rays and sharks. Mundo Azul also believes in the adoption of better sustainability practices. The exact market they serve is the fishers families who have to live with the idea that fishing is synonym of wealth or surviving in a country with many economical opportunities, keeping aside the marine life preservation.


So how does Muchá help in this amazing project? We, aware and socially conscious about the animal preservation, made a partnership to produce swimwear trunks sticked to their unique shark designs. So far, we’ve been producing 4 amazing shark trunks. Half of Muchá’s profits of these trunks go directly to fund the education program they’re specialized in.

These are our 2 trunks.

This project is somehow new, so every cent you donate counts. Let’s support this initiative and spread that #Guatetienetiburones (Guate has Sharks).

Also, if you want to buy them, please click here

For more information please contact:

Fundación Mundo Azul

PBX: (502) 2493-8050