Muchá Origins

We came up with this blogging idea when we were planning to transcend barriers. This space is made especially to make our brand more friendly and to let you know who we are.

Muchá is a 100% guatemalan entrepreneurial project founded by Male Ceballos, our CEO. This company is in charge of manufacturing men swimwear trunks with a specific history or legend behind. Every single piece of art is made by guatemalan designers, manufacturers and the rest of workers who made this dream come true. Guatemala has so many culture to be exploited, so, why not in something fun you can wear?


Each collection is made up of 6 designs, which are result of an inspiration of different creatives designers, along with the guidance of Muchá’s creative team. The designs come from something as little and specific as a graffiti art, all through a Chicken Bus or , which is characteristic of this territory, thinking big.


Also, in a country full of needs and opportunities, Muchá focuses on giving back to the people. We support many social projects by funding educational and social programs such as conserving marine and shark life, elder shelters, hospitals, etc. We’ll speak about these on our following texts, keep posted :)


So getting back to the original idea about this blog, we want to let you know that this space is special for us for many reasons, but the main one is because we would like to name every person behind this project. Let’s put some faces to the minds who are changing the idea of getting Guatemala well recognized all over the world.

So, Hi! Nice to meet you!


Management Team

Male Ceballos

Management assistant
Luis Diego Ruiz

Juan Jose


Creative Designers Team

María Fernanda Arriaza

Klap Studio: Kevin Allaire, Andrés Garzaro, Levin

Sharty One

Mercy Gallardo

Juan Carlos Lemus

Beatriz Mendoza


We are happy to let you know who we are, so if there is anything you can ask or suggest, we are open. Explore our new friendly website and spread the word. Guatemala is Muchá!