La Tatuana


  • On Request
  • 100% Polyester
  • Sublimate 100% Nylon Polyester Shell (not transparent when wet and dries fast); Bathing suit does not fade and has been tested in all kinds of water including salt water; Mesh lining; Pockets; Hand Wash. Elastic waist with inside woven drawcord. Drawstring closure for an ideal fit.
  • Lightweight, breathable, and “Speedry” water repellent technology dries twice as fast and resists fading.
  • UV Block the Burn with UPF 50+ offers tighter knit fabric for higher level of sun protection
  • The kid model is wearing a size 6-8 trunk
  •  All On Request trunk styles will take 5-7 business days of fabrication, shipping and handling process
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Legend has it that many years ago, during the colonial era, there was a beautiful young woman who was called Tatuana, who enjoyed the pleasures of life with different men to whom he asked for money in exchange for pleasure.


All the people did not agree, because it was a demure and religious society. So, the girl was accused of witchcraft and hexing to get the men. He was accused of greed and not following the precepts of the church. For all these reasons she was tried by the court of the Holy Inquisition and was sentenced to death. One night before his death, he asked as his last wish a piece of coal, some candles and some white roses. With all these materials, she made a sorcery and summoned the devil to whom she asked to save her from her condemnation and in return she would give him her soul. The demon took him out of the trap mounted on the boat that had painted the wall and condemned her to roam the world on her boat on rainy days.